advert, interaction, unconventional
flashmob, guerrilla, spot, web
About This Project

We created an aggressive and unconventional piece for the web, which was then transformed into a flash mob performed at the Bologna Motor Show 2012.

Manifesto is a statement of intent: it lets viewers take part in the brands’ revolution in terms of image, marketing and approach; it lets viewers express their own style, play with the brand in a personal way; it turns viewers into users by letting them create their own video mash-ups online.
There are various audio tracks starring different sounds, from rock to digital/progressive. These are combined with close-ups of the latest Mercedes-Benz Italia cars, and slogans such as “I’m innovation,” “I’m the future,” “I’m courage,” and “I’m passion”, serving as a prelude to a tempting invitation: “join the revolution.”
The same slogans were stamped across the signs carried by a group marching through the halls of the Motor Show. Something between a guerilla uprising and flash-mob, the performance really brought the event alive.

Mercedes can also boast a first in the automobile world. Created in collaboration with Kea Sound, Car Sound Generation is a sophisticated device that turns the rear window of the New Class A into a touchscreen console.