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KIA Motors Italy wins the “Automotive Marketing Awards 2017” for the best After Sales multi-channel advertising campaign.

Aiming to elevate once again the standards for digital contents in the Country, our team took care of the latest Kia Motors adv setting up a team of Italians excellencies, recalling them from around the world: Loris Lai (Director), Luca Ciuti (D.o.P), Andrea Maguolo (Editing). Each of them is a well-known and award-winning professional in the international movie industry.

#SpecialDaddy adv is an emotional, sweet and funny film about Kia after-sale service most essential values, about a father and his daughter. It also displays a clever hint on how much technology matters in the Brand high quality services. The film was shot with the best cinematic quality and finely edited on an original soundtrack.

A 5 square meters dolls house was specifically handcrafted for the shooting.