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To support the launch of Sony Playstation’s game “The Last of Us”, The Unknown created a television advertisement which was then adapted as part of an integrated web, TV and cinema campaign.

The concept is based on the screenplay for The Last of Us. Following the outbreak of a pandemic that wiped out the population of the United States, abandoned cities lie covered in vegetation while groups of survivors kill each other to ensure their own survival. In this dramatic context, a relationship between Joel (a ruthless survivor of dubious morality) and Ellie (a young girl Joel finds himself taking care of) blossoms into a story of love, loyalty and redemption.

The web campaign involved general and specialist sites connected to the world of entertainment and sport (,,,,, as well as, and,,,,, and with skins, dominance mode, and special formats video box).

The TV campaign ran for two weeks with 15 and 30 second spots aired on the main target channels, namely Italy 1, Italy 2, Fox Channel, DMax, MTV, TV and DJ Sky Sports.
The Unknown also produced all POS materials designed to promote the game instore.